Introducing Ord Games (OG Protocol). OG is a standard for designing Bitcoin games and was inspired by Sats Names, BRC-20, Loot and other popular NFT games. Also introducing Wizords—the first game build on the OG standard. The goal is to inspire a a new cohort of Bitcoin builders and eventually create a thriving ecosystem of Bitcoin games.


The idea came from an Ordinals Show twitter space. Psifour was saying something like, “Why are we copying Ethereum token standards? Ordinals are a poor substrate for fungible tokens. Why can’t we focus on protocol ideas that are well suited to Bitcoin’s strengths and constraints?” I instantly thought of games.

Game assets can be simple, onchain representations, governed by sats vs. state transformations that need delicate indexing. Game assets can be minted once (on the most secure data layer that exists), traded as ordinals, and then “consumed” by an evolving ecosystem of games (a la Loot). Plus they are fun and I want to make some fun wizard shit. 🧙‍♂️

Design principles

  • Keep it on Bitcoin: With OG, Bitcoin transactions, and only Bitcoin transactions, are all that is needed to create a “game universe” of players and loot. Any client or indexer can independently index the protocol to establish all player and loot state.

  • Max composable: All assets mint as one ordinal, meaning players can mix and match assets in a single wallet to create bespoke game players or resource sets. Game designers can mix and match assets across OG games to create bespoke games, tournaments, or meta game universes. 🤯

  • Open and fair: Anyone can mint any game asset once a new game is defined by minting a game "boot" inscription. Just like Sats Names and BRC-20 the first minter owns the assets until the supply runs out.

What is a game universe?

In the OG protocol, game universes have players and loot. Players are unique, each one has a name, avatar, class, and unique history and status. Loot is more fungible and has classes and power levels. Imagine if World of Warcraft was 100% onchain, permissionless, and composable from day one—that is what Wizords is trying to demonstrate. Here is a live, onchain, example of two players in the Wizords universe with all their loot in specific wallets.

What games can you make?

OG is best suited for turn-based, battle games similar to Axie, Pokemon, or Magic the Gathering. But it could support much crazier and diverse games. Use your imagination and break things (and then fix things please). Some ideas:

  • Wizords: A wizard battle game where you assemble a war chest of weapons, armor, and magic items. Already booted on mainnet. You can mint now

  • Mecha robot battle game: Assemble your robots from inscribed components. Battle one on one or in the arena.

  • Catan knockoff: Turn based resource strategy game where resources, or tiles, can be inscribed as loot.

  • Paper, rock, scissors: Just mint a ton of papers, rocks, and scissors and battle them by burning one every round of play. This will be very expensive and is probably a terrible game idea!

V1 syntax is ready. The first game is ready. You can mint players and loot right now, inscribe your own game, or build an OG indexer. The magical possibilities are endless. ✨

Experimental protocol idea. Read everything and the warning before inscribing.

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