What is Ord Games?

Ord Games is a standard for defining Bitcoin game universes of players and loot.

What is Wizords?

Wizords is a magic battle game universe on Bitcoin.

How do I inscribe?

What is the avatar? How do I get one?

Avatars can be any inscription with a common image format. You can inscribe your own, use one you already inscribed, or use any inscription you like (as long as it is an image). Suggestion: Use midjourney to make a custom one just for you. Then inscribe it. Then create your player.

How can I tell if a particular loot item is minted out?

Indexers will come online shortly to tally OG inscriptions. Until that happens, be extremely cautious about minting. You could easily waste many sats please be careful.

How do I create my own game?

Think carefully about the intended gameplay and in game assets, then read Boot new game.

Why inscribe Wizord players? Or Wizord loot?

Game developers may build game on top of the Wizords game universe. The best, most powerful loot will likely help you win these games.

I want to inscribe for a particular game. What goes in the game parameter?

Every OG game has a boot operation. The inscription ID of the boot inscription is the unique identifier for each game. Not the inscription number (those can change). The inscription ID.

How does OG team make money?

There are no fees. The inscription fees go to Bitcoin miners. No plans for fees. This is just an experiment for fun.

How can I contribute to the OG protocol?

Join our discord young wizord.

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