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The Wizords game universe is intended as a battle game where you mint wizords, orcs, and other beasts, then assemble a war chest of weapons, armor, and magic items. This is an example game using the OG protocol—the game boot has been inscribed and some players/loot has been minted.

The boot operation was run with a specific type of gameplay in mind. That said, any game client could choose to do completely different things with this game universe or even mix and match it with other game universes. Imagine if World of Warcraft was 100% onchain, permissionless, and composable from day one—that is what Wizords is trying to demonstrate.

Boot code

Player and loot examples

In the OG protocol, game universes have players and loot. Players are unique, each one has a name, avatar, class, and unique history and status. Loot is more fungible and has classes and power levels. Here is a live, onchain, example of two players in the Wizords universe with all their loot in specific wallets:

Intended gameplay

  • Users mint a specific player and the best loot they can inscribe (first is first), buy, or trade. Users assemble a “complete” player for battle by placing their player plus 5 loot items in a Bitcoin wallet.

  • They signal to a Wizord game client that they want to battle and what loot item they are willing to bet on winning. Challengers shop around for battle requests to accept and place their own bets.

  • Players confirm the battle by signing a PSBT that can claim the wagered loot. The game client holds both PSBTs in escrow until the battle is over.

  • The game allows both players three attacks and defenses against those attacks. The game will provide the specific strengths/weaknesses/interactions of each loot class in both scenarios, scaled by loot power, and modulated by some degree of randomness.

  • When a winner is declared, the game will countersign the PSBT. In theory non-players could also bet on these matches. The game creator can also take a fee for facilitating everything.

  • As players win battles they gain reputation. Game makers can create leaderboards, hold tournaments, and offer further prizes and incentives.

This is just an example of how it could work. Have a better idea? Just build it. Nobody can stop you from using these game assets in any way you can imagine.

Player class and loot reference

Example Wizords player:

"p": "og",
"game": "cd282b9b1658ca3010221f6fb088d77e56dede84329c431aa1c60cd4075a02a9i0",
"op": "player",
"class": "wizords",
"name": "Zorin",
"avatar": "f2ae346f478dccfa00ac8ba97bbc83b01c558291ba158176fc8fa1e1ba6bd754i0",

Want to mint one of these players? Learn how this works in Mint New Player.

Player array

Example Wizords loot:

"p": "og",
"game": "cd282b9b1658ca3010221f6fb088d77e56dede84329c431aa1c60cd4075a02a9i0",
"op": "loot",
"class": "weapon",
"loot": "bloodscope",

Want to mint a loot item? Learn how this works in Mint Loot.

Loot array

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