🚧Build your game


Congratulations game designer. You are about to become legend. A couple things to know:

  • If you haven't yet: Read the Intro, Protocol V1, and Wizords overview. Then go mint Wizords loot and a player. This will take you 10 mins (plus time waiting for the txns). Do not skip. There is no substitute for actually using the platform before you design a game.

  • You don't need a game client. "Game Clients" is the actual thing people use to play your game; usually a website, mobile app, or console game. It is the interface that "consumes" your game assets. You don't need one, but you should have a plan for one. Think through how the game should work. If you have no intention of building a game clientβ€”tell everyone!

  • Without a game client built yet, you are essentially a community builder. Your game will just be players, assets, and a community in the early days. If you really want your game to succeed get serious about community. You'll at least need a Twitter, Discord, and docs site.

  • If you have questions or get stuck join the OG discord and just ask!

There is no solid indexing service for OG assets yet. There likely will be soon. Once that is done inscription services and explorers should be able to instantly check all your players, loot, and help new users inscribe. If you launch before this, you may have seriously confused community members in the early days.


You can do this in 5 min:

  1. Planning: Create your game concept, assets, and client plan

  2. Arrays: Create your loot and player arrays

  3. Construct: Finalize and validate your boot inscription

  4. Inscribe: Inscribe boot inscription

  5. Announce: Share your game with the universe


Just answer the basic questions:

  • Game name (No restrictions. Does not need to be unique)

  • Avatar. This is like your game logo or icon. (Optional)

  • Concept for players and loot.


This is where you get specific on player types and loot details.


This is where you will create the final boot inscription.

The example below is from the Wizords game. You're going to replace:

  • Name –> Replace with your name

  • Avatar --> Replace with your avatar (Optional. To skip delete the whole line)

  • Players --> Replace with your player array

  • Loot --> Replace with your loot array

"p": "og",
"v": "1",
"op": "boot",
"name": "Wizords",
"avatar": "7079d8c3a090e8ddea26377f6fc6b8dcc5914579b5528e18eae267fbfbc0b64ai0",
"players": [
		[ "wizords", "10000" ],
"loot": [
		[ "eyes", "white", "10", "100" ],

Validate your JSON5. It must pass this test. If not your game is invalid.

You cannot update your game once inscribed. Double check your numbers. Spell check. Get everything perfect. Also validate JSON5


  • Use any text inscription service to inscribe your boot operation.

  • Make note of the game inscription ID


Your game universe is live. Go tell the world. πŸŽ‰

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